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Happy Book Week!

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This week is Book Week. I hope you’re celebrating at school, at your library or by enjoying some quiet time with a favourite book, or perhaps one that’s read to you or that you read to someone else.

Here’s a little interview on YAtopia about the series and my writing process to celebrate.

Some photos from the launch of ‘: Saving Saturn’ at Where the Wild Things Are Bookshop in Brisbane that was held on Sunday, June 28, 2015.

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Jake dropped his old backpack in amazement. He couldn’t believe he was actually here at the Floating Hotel of Venus.

‘Wow! This is the best prize ever,’ a voice said.

Jake turned. It was Rory, who had just arrived from Mars with his mum and dad. And Rory was right – the hotel was even more incredible than Jake had heard. The foyer was round, with gleaming bronze pillars and walls that shimmered bright yellow like a golden waterfall.

Jake and his friends are on Venus staying at the unimaginably luxurious Floating Hotel of Venus courtesy of a reward for saving the world from being taken over by robots. But it’s not long before a new mystery finds them. The action quickly moves from deciding which luxury treat to have first, to who to trust and how to find out just who has dangerous secrets. There are fast vehicles and near misses, red herrings and volcanoes to be navigated. And as always, time is running out before catastrophe ensues. Chapter headings are illustrated and there is a flip space race happening across the bottom of each spread.

As if there’s not enough to be had on Earth, Jake and his friends, Rory, Henry, Skye and Milly, take the action off-Earth and into space. They are trained in space driving but more than that, the friends between them have the skills and insights necessary to solve all manner of mysteries. They don’t always get it right first time, but with teamwork, they consistently out-think and out-manoeuvre their foes. The stakes are high, and there is plenty of high-tech equipment at their disposal. These fast-paced adventures are ideal for newly independent readers.

: Volcanoes of Venus, New Frontier Publishing 2015 ISBN: 9781925059281

review by Claire Saxby, Children’s author and bookseller

Launching ‘: Volcanoes of Venus’

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The fourth installment of the series, Volcanoes of Venus, has officially blasted off, leaving a trail of sparks behind it. The book has been busy travelling the Queensland region, touching down at the Gold Coast Bulletin newpaper, Gold Coast City Council Libraries (Elanora branch) and Book Links (Qld) Romancing the Stars event at the State Library of Queensland. All this with great fun had by and its creator, Moi.

Books Links Romancing the Stars event – books by Queensland authors & illustrators published in 2015 officially launched.

Gold Coast Bulletin Review

Gold Coast Bulletin Book Review

Thrilled to discover ‘’ made it into the Herald Sun Top 12 Books for Kids list for Christmas 2014. You can find it listed here amid some great books that certainly get the tick of approval from me, and my kids. In more good news, according to the article sales of children’s and YA fiction is soaring this year – fantastic to see kids are still reading, and loving it!

Thank you to Read Plus for this lovely little review of : Moon Attack.

You can read it here.